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Cooper & Mayzie

Cooper & Mayzie have now let me take their pictures three times.  Here's the link to the first and second.  We've come leaps and bounds from our first session that included lots of tears.  Now we have the drill down, it's quick and painless.  These two are adorable and their mom is the easiest person to meetup with and get great shots.  They actually moved away this last weekend and I'm so sad.  I've loved watching these two grow the last year. 


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Kirk Family

I was so excited to take the Kirk's photo's.  Niki and I lived together in a hotel in New York for a semester, and I had yet to meet her little one's.  It was so fun to see her with her cute family.  Chris was able to come along too and meet a New York friend.  I've also never met better kids to take pictures of, full of smiles and fun.  They had so many good pictures I had a hard time narrowing down just a few.

Justin & Katelyn

I can't get over how much fun we had doing these pictures.  Katelyn and Justin were up for anything - even when Kate fell on her face out of the car.  We had a blast!   Kate waited for Justin for two years while he served his mission in Romania and after a long wait they are finally together forever.  I wish them the best and thank them over and over for letting me be a part of their big day!

Gardner Family

One of my favorite parts of taking pictures have been all the fun new people I have been able to meet.  The Gardner family is no exception.  I am so glad they brought their family dog.  I had never photographed a family with their pet before.  How about getting a one year old and a dog to look at the camera.  We had such a great time and even got all our shots in before their little tyke froze.