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Cooper & Mayzie

Cooper & Mayzie have now let me take their pictures three times.  Here's the link to the first and second.  We've come leaps and bounds from our first session that included lots of tears.  Now we have the drill down, it's quick and painless.  These two are adorable and their mom is the easiest person to meetup with and get great shots.  They actually moved away this last weekend and I'm so sad.  I've loved watching these two grow the last year. 


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Ross & Ashley

Ross & Ashley were a referral from one of my favorite ward friends in Heber.  They wanted two year anniversary pictures.  I loved the idea since Chris and I follow closely behind with the same anniversary in a couple months.  I will say, after two years they seem more in love than ever. I had such a great time capturing how perfect these two are together! Congratulations!


Oh Miss Mayzi!  Those big blue eyes and that dark hair.  It was one cold fall day and this girl just walked around and every once in awhile gave us a quick grin, never once letting the forest or cold stop her.  I'm so happy I could take her photo's.  In just a few months I hope to get the whole family in a few shots!  Can't wait!

Allen Family

I've never met a happier family - this dad is great with his girls.  It was my pleasure to take their photo's near the beautiful Provo River.  What a perfect fall night, what perfect light and what a perfect family.  From the start I wanted to capture how much Dennis loves his girls.  I think I'll let the pictures do the talking.